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What are the major benefits with Tool Library?

Tool Library provides a quick and secure process for creating and exporting assemblies to CAM software. 3D models and parameters are transferred automatically to the CAM software.

Tool Library is one of the first software that fully supports the ISO 13399 cutting tool data standard.

Tool Library is an offline solution that works without internet connection.

Technical information

Tool Library is a cutting tool library system focused on increasing the NC programming productivity by providing cutting tool data directly into CAM software. NC programmers are the major end user profile.

The cutting tool data definitions are based on ISO13399 and generic tool classification (“GTC”) classification. In this way the application is open to consuming cutting tool data from other tool suppliers who have ISO13399 data available.

The application is divided into 3 major areas:

  • Catalog area – The catalog is the source of information where the NC programmers are going to consume the needed data to create tool assemblies. The catalog presents the available assortment from specific tool supplier. The major functions of this area is the searching of items based on ISO relevant parameters, code and item description. The result for the usage on catalog area is the item copy to My Item area.
    For Sandvik Coromant data assortment updates, it is offered for Tool Library software two ways of data update: DDS (Data Delivery Services) and file loading. The DDS is a clouded source of data which provides on-line Sandvik Coromant catalog data updates to Tool Library customers. This solution is based on Microsoft Azure solution and the data transfer is based on ISO13399 standard format. It is mandatory to have internet connection and an account signed at Coromant website. The second way is the file loading in Tool Library which is focused on customers who don’t have internet access to the Tool Library server. This file is loaded and updated in Tool Library software manually by the end user.
  • My Items area – The My items area is the place where all existing items which belongs and are in use by the end customer are available. In this area, users are able to edit existing items and create new items from suppliers where the data is not available. The My Items area is the place which feeds the information to create tool assemblies.
  • My Assemblies area – The My assemblies area is the library where users create and maintain the existing tool assemblies. In this area the user is able to have automatically the data and 2D/3D tool assembly model creation. The result of the tool assembly creation is to make them available to the CAM software. Based on the required information for the CAM software, Tool Library converts the ISO13399 based data to the needed data for the CAM. The result is a smooth process to bring ISO data to the CAM software.

The software platform is a client server application based on .NET 4.6 which has additional encapsulated C++ components for tool assembly creation, 2D/3D models viewing and creation. Tool Library database is based on MS SQL Server 2014.